Mirmont Pictures 

Mirmont Pictures began in 2005, when film student Sohrab Mirmont made the New York International Film Festival winning short film, The Beautiful Wind. The success of the film garnered Mirmont world-wide acclaim, and Mirmont was named “Filmmaker to Watch” by Digital Filmmaker Magazine UK, as well as “"Up and Coming Filmmaker" by P3 Update Magazine. Mirmont Pictures second feature film, The Freemason, starring Sean Astin, was screened internationally and won multiple-awards, including Best Director and Best Editor at the ComicCon Film Festival.

Awards won by Mirmont Pictures

Best Music Video | Auckland International Film Festival 2016

Best Music Video | California Women’s Film Festival 2016

Best Actress | Lionshead Film Festival 2015

Award of Recognition | Best Shorts Competition 2015

It’s All In The Timing International Film Festival 2015

Best Director | ComiCon Film Festival 2014

Best Film | ComiCon Film Festival 2014

Best Cinematographer | ComiCon Film Festival 2014

Best Actor | Best Film | ComiCon Film Festival 2014

Best Supporting Actor | Best Film | ComiCon Film Festival 2014

Best Editing | Comicon Film Festival 2014

Best Actor | Utah Film Festival 2014

Best Supporting Actor | Utah Film Awards 2014

Silver Telly | Telly Awards 2013

Best Cast | 48 Hour Film Festival 2008

Critic’s Choice | Utah Film Critics Association 2008

Best Film | Orlando DMac Film Festival 2006

Audience Choice | New York International Film Festival 2005

Award nominations

Best Music Video | Filmquest 2017

LA FEMME International Film Festival 2017

Golden Door International Film Festival 2015

It’s All In The Timing International Film Festival 2015

Three Cities Online Festival 2015

InterUrban Film Festival 2015 Online Film Festival 2015

LDS Film Festival 2013

The Team

Sohrab Mirmont

Founder + Director

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Sohrab Mirmont founded Mirmont Pictures in 2005 and is an award-winning director, writer and producer, and a member of the 100+ Million-View Club on YouTube. He comes from a family of famous filmmakers: He is the nephew of Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami, and has won 18 awards under the Mirmont Pictures banner.

Brianna Davis

Creative Director

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Brianna Davis joined Mirmont Pictures in 2017 and is an acclaimed writer, production designer, project consultant, and adviser. Brianna possesses a sharp editorial eye that effortlessly translates from page to film. Her cutting-edge perspective in the realms of filmmaking and targeted marketing are worth their weight in gold. Bri’s creativity, concepts, and eye for design are dialed-in.


I had the privilege of working with Sohrab Mirmont and his team for my music video, ‘Wicked Game’.   Sohrab orchestrated and directed a professional, efficient production. This allowed us the time and space to be creative within a stress free environment. The proof is in the finished product, our music video went on to be accepted in multiple festivals and won numerous awards.

- Nikki Moore, Actress & Musician

Sohrab and his team were awesome to work with. From the writing process, to the casting, to the the filming, to the final edits of our project. They made everything seem really easy and fun and it all came together much faster than I thought. Most importantly, my team was blown away with the finished product.

Logan Sorensen, Owner, FLii LIFE

Sohrab Mirmont has been the most organized, the calmest, the most WITH-IT Director I personally have seen here at the stinky pinky!  God bless you son, and thank you for choosing Pink Motel for your video.  You are most welcome to come back anytime!

Wilson Hormozy, Manager @ Pink Motel