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Mirmont Pictures can deploy a self-contained documentary field production team worldwide to document any story, event, person, place, or thing. We have worked with the BBC, HBO Documentaries, NBC, CBS, MTV, Sundance Channel, and many more media outlets to create original, engaging content. Our team includes award-winning film directors, cinematographers, location managers, set designers, hair and makeup artists, stylists, sound engineers, researchers, and editors. We are a valuable resource for stories that need to be told.

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How we can help

Mirmont Pictures can take your project from start to finish; from concept to creation. We are an acclaimed full-service media company that produces one-of-a-kind visually stunning content.


We are expert storytellers and story editors. We research the important details and get to the heart of the story. We are great interviewers, conversationalists, lighting masters, sound genies, and set designers. We will make sure that your documentary shines, is cohesive, comprehensive, and easy to follow. From idea to distribution, we can make and market any movie.



When it comes to capturing your documentary through film, we utilize the highest quality cinema video cameras like the RED, Arri, and Panavision cameras, powerhouse computers, and a RAID array of hard drives that could hold the whole Lord of The Rings trilogy. We are outfitted with professional film gear, above and beyond enough to shoot a full documentary. Telling your story and history is what Mirmont Pictures excels in. We’ve got lifetimes of film experience logged, so rest-assured that your project is safe with us.


Our goals for your project are to make lasting impressions, to set you apart, and to grow your audience and fanbase. The video we can produce for you will be one-of-a-kind because of our experiences, knowledge, and vision. Our seasoned skill set, history of great leadership and management, as well as our unique point of view are what set us apart and make us special. We capture the uniqueness of your project and make it relevant. We aim to recruit more people to your cause, whether your desire is more fans, users, customers, employees, education, or a date. We create your message, and share it with the world.



We want your documentary to connect to your audience on a deeper level. From the start, we have your target audience and vision in mind, and use it as the primary mechanism to develop the most advantageous marketing and distribution strategies. We already have an audience of tens of thousands of fans, and 350+ million views on our videos. We believe that your documentary will be a marvelous addition to our ever-expanding portfolio, so reach out and let’s discuss your project. It’s that easy.



Mirmont Pictures is your ticket to bringing ideas to life.  We have relationships world-wide with award-winning marketing agencies and copywriters. We can provide social media tips and tricks, as well as a comprehensive marketing plan that includes keywords to use, a clever title for your film, and a description. We are also happy to use our avenues to market and publicize your film as well. Want your film to get into a festival? We can help with that. With 36+ wins [we’re talking Audience Choice at The New York International Film Festival, a Silver Telly, and Best Director/Best Film at ComiCon to name a few], our experience and expertise is at your fingertips. Give us a call today, we would love to discuss how we can work together with you.

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