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Our full-service production studio is equipped with everything you’ll need for your project, whether your production is a short film, feature film, documentary, music video, commercial, TV show, web series, or the birth of your first child [but don’t worry, our rentals should cost less than that]. We have packages for lighting, cameras, lenses, dolly’s, sound, grip, electric, and expendables, and if we don’t have something in at the moment, we can order it. We specialize in energy-efficient, high-quality cinema gear. The vast majority of our lights are battery-powered, LED low-wattage with extremely high and controllable light output. Battery operated means that you can be mobile and film in any location, from desert to beach to glacier. 

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Rentals Q & A

Do I need insurance?

Certain items require insurance. Each item that needs insurance [or an operator] is listed next to the item title. 



What happens if I don’t have insurance?

If you don’t have insurance, you can hire a Mirmont Production crew member to operate or assist. Certain insurance-required items may be rented without insurance, but with an additional deposit. Contact us for more details.



Where do I get film insurance?

We have a list of great film insurance providers; email us.



Will my homeowner’s insurance or any other kind of personal insurance work?

Unfortunately not. Film insurance is very specific and requires that Mirmont Pictures be listed as an additional insurer name/beneficiary on the policy. 



Do you do “3-day rentals”?

We don’t do the traditional “3-day rental” deal, but we will give you a discount of 20% after day 3.



Are you able to drop the rental gear off, so I don’t have to pick it up?

We have a drop-off and pickup-service available at an additional cost. Email us the specific details like the drop-off location and dates, and we can give you a quote.



Do you price match?

We do not price match. We take great care of our rental gear. After using lots of gear from other rental houses over the years, we can say that not everyone values their gear the way we do. Our equipment is in great shape, and is inspected and detailed after each use to ensure that everything is working properly and is in peak shape.



What do I need to check out gear?

Your receipt, a valid driver’s license, and a valid credit card.



When do I pay?

All rentals are paid up-front to secure the dates and equipment. After we have rented to you a few times, you can set up an account with us, where we will bill you with 30-day terms.



When are rentals due back?

Rentals are due back the following day, by 12pm [we are open on weekends].



What if I need something you don’t have?

Contact us, and we will do our best to quickly source the item.



Are you interested in a co-production?

We’re always looking for the right project to partner on. If your project is partly financed and you are seeing a co-production partner, we may be able to step in and help. If you believe your project qualifies, contact us.

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