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We’ve won Best Music Video at the Auckland International Film Festival, and Best Music Video at the California Women's Film Festival. We have also been nominated at Filmquest and LA FEMME International Film Festival. Collaboration is key, and we make memorable videos [that people put on repeat].

Nikki Moore - Wicked Game
Rafferty - Apple Pie (Music Video)
The Sandshaper (w. Kirsty Hawkshaw)


Music Video Production

Make your music video stand out with Mirmont Pictures. We will make you look and sound your best with our lighting experts, award-winning directors and producers, hair and makeup artists, choreographers, location managers, cinematographers, and post-production team. 


We’ve got storytelling down and we’re fun to work with. There, we said it. Brainstorm and dream with us; we would be proud to showcase your musical talent to the world. We work with celebrated agents, managers, choreographers, dancers, and musicians. We’ll support you in dance, in prance, in tango, or waltz; whatever you specialize in. Want a full choir, backup singers, a specific musical instrument? Ask, and you will receive, we’ve got your back.



Mirmont Pictures has at its disposal choreographers, recording studios, PA systems, rehearsal spaces, dancers, models, access to sports-cars, mansions, beaches, private jets, and boats. We can pull permits for road closures and explosions, furnish police and bodyguards; whatever you desire.



Your brand is you, your band, your instrument, your sweet dancing skills, your talent. We’ll make you look great regardless of what you want to showcase. We can make your music video dreams a reality. We have a history of leadership and management, and know how to command a set. You and your brand are safe in our creative hands.



We strive to connect you with your audience on a deeper level. We take your vision, and create something meaningful, that resonates with your audience. Our goal is to attract lifelong fans that connect with you and engage. Our audience is tens-of-thousands-strong, and we have 350+ million views on our work on the web alone.



We’ve got social media tips and tricks under our hat, as well as a comprehensive marketing plan that includes keywords to use, clever titles, and well-thought-out descriptions. We can use our avenues to market and publicize as well. Want to get your music video into a festival? We can help with that. With 40+ wins, including several awards for Best Music Video, our experience and skill are in a class of their own. 


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