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Mirmont Pictures and Vision Cambodia Partner For Clean Water

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

Vision Cambodia Organization, a non-profit 501(c)(3), partners with Mirmont Pictures to create videos for everlasting change.

SIEM REAP, CAMBODIA August 1, 2018 Mirmont Pictures has partnered with Vision Cambodia Organization to produce a series of videos highlighting Cambodia's water and poverty crisis.

Sohrab Mirmont (Top Center) and Logan Sorensen (Bottom Center) visiting an ancient Cambodian temple where local villagers work.

Mirmont Pictures was first introduced to the humanitarian organization's mission in June of 2018, when CEO Sohrab Mirmont travelled to Siem Reap for a 10-day tour of Cambodia's remote villages.

"I was asked to tour Cambodia by a client of Mirmont Pictures. He wanted to see if we could help bring awareness to the issues Cambodia faces through video."

Mirmont agreed, and friend and client Logan Sorensen footed the bill for Mirmont to embark on the life-changing journey. "After the trip, I was a changed person. I knew my mission in life was to help people, and Logan helped introduce me to that," said Mirmont.

"After my return to the states, I asked to meet with the US-based founder of the organization (Rob Brunt). I wanted to express my gratitude for what he was doing in Cambodia, and let him know that we wanted to help spread the message about his work."

Sohrab met Rob for coffee, or as Sohrab puts it, "I had coffee, and he brought homemade Kombucha, which I'm now a huge fan of." It wasn't long after their meeting that the duo partnered companies to create a series of videos to help Cambodians get the assistance and support they need to survive and thrive.

Vision Cambodia Co-Founders Troy Peterson, Rob Brunt, and Founder Chantha South.
Co-Founders Troy Peterson, Rob Brunt, and Founder Chantha South.

Mirmont Pictures has planned two trips to Cambodia that will be fully crewed, two-camera productions. The first excursion will commence in December 2018 for B-roll and story production, where the team plans to capture breathtaking images of Cambodia and document a truthful glimpse into the lives of Cambodians and the issues they are currently facing.

The second trip will take place in early 2019. Details of that have yet to unfold.

Below is a preliminary video shot by Sohrab on his discovery tour to Cambodia, where he met Vision Cambodia's founder, Chantha South. Sohrab spent nearly two weeks traveling with Chantha to various sites where Vision Cambodia has had an impact.

Vision Cambodia's sole focus is improving the quality of life for the Cambodian people. Generous donors from around the world donate their time, money, and talents to support Vision Cambodia's humanitarian projects such as installing clean water wells and building schools. Vision Cambodia creates sustainable projects that change and improve lives.

All of Vision Cambodia's projects are executed at the local level in Cambodia, with locals supporting and sustaining each other through the projects and initiatives. ALL DONATIONS ARE USED IN CAMBODIA, and all supporters of the organization in the developed world are unpaid volunteers.

For more information about Vision Cambodia, please visit

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