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Mirmont Pictures has worked with some of the biggest and best brands in showcasing their mission, products, and services. We know what it takes to make things shine through film, and we’ve won awards for it! We have filmed out of helicopters, trains, moving buses, cars, on-set spaceships, in pools, mansions, on beaches, Sunset Boulevard, Rodeo Drive, and the famous Pink Hotel in LA. We have filmed all over the USA and beyond, including the United Arab Emirates, 
Cambodia, Italy, and Canada!

Clean Water Costs Less Than $1 A Day - Vision Cambodia
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How we can help

Make your commercial memorable, with Mirmont Pictures. We will make your company/product shine. We develop solid strategies that target your ideal customer, and make them a customer for life.


You are at the forefront of your company/product/brand, so we want to plug in to your expertise and wealth of knowledge to learn as much as we can. We ask the hard questions, submerse ourselves in the story, research until we’re blue in the face, pinpoint the important details and targets, and get deep into the heart of what matters. We employ award-winning screenwriters and storytellers, organize think-tanks, and hold writing retreats, where we go [with you, our client] for a few days to a place where time seems to move slower, as we immerse ourselves in creativity and relaxation.



We use the best cinema-grade video cameras like RED, Arri, and Panavision. We employ award-winning cinematographers, directors, producers, location managers, production designers, hair and makeup, healthy craft services, costumers, gaffers, stunt teams, aerial units, and post-production. We make sure each detail is dialed in, fitting your vision, brand, and product.



Your company/brand is our top priority. We plan to immerse ourselves in it, study the ins and outs through market research and audience research, and get to the core of how to best market your brand in the world of video. Our history is rich in leadership and management, and we know how to command a presence.



Our goal is to attract lifelong fans that connect with you and engage. We strive to connect you with your audience on a deeper level. We take your vision and create something meaningful, that your audience connects with.



Our social reach is unmatched. Our audience is tens-of-thousands-strong, and we have 350+ million views on our work on the web alone [we’re not sure how to count all the views in theaters]. We’ve got lots of social media tips and tricks under our hat, as well as a comprehensive marketing plan that includes keywords, clever titles, and well-thought-out descriptions. Contact us today, and let’s see how we can work together to create some real movie magic.

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