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Accomlished track record for narrative & documentary story-telling



Mirmont Pictures works with media outlets like the BBC, HBO Documentaries, NBC, CBS, MTV, Sundance Channel, to create original, engaging content. Our team includes award-winning directors, cinematographers, sound designers, researchers, and editors. We are a valuable resource for stories that need to be told.

100's of millions


Cut in Half and Allergic to Sunlight are documentaries produced for the BBC by Mirmont Pictures and have been viewed over half a billion times on various platforms. 

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Film & Animation
The Twins That Were Cut In Half

The Twins That Were Cut In Half

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Allergic to sunlight | Living with Xeroderma Pigmentosum [XP]

Allergic to sunlight | Living with Xeroderma Pigmentosum [XP]

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Viet Helmer at Sundance Film Festival

Viet Helmer at Sundance Film Festival

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Kevin Bacon at Sundance Film Festival

Kevin Bacon at Sundance Film Festival

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Documentary Production

Mirmont Pictures is a production company with an emphasis on film & television production. We work  to produce one-of-a-kind story that resonates, and creates impact.


We get to the heart of the story by utilizing everything from writers retreats, think-tanks, storyboards, script-writers, and storytellers. We have established relationships with professional actors/actresses and casting agencies, as well as a seasoned in-house film production team. From idea to distribution, we can make and bring to market any movie that has an audience.



When it comes to capturing your story through, we use only the best crew, the most professional, cinema grade film and digital cameras like RED, Arri, and Panavision. We’ve got lifetimes of film experience logged, so every project is in the best hands.



Our goal is to make a lasting impression and set us apart. No two projects are alike, just like no two people are alike. The films we create are unmatched, due to our breadth of experience and education. Our seasoned skill set, history of great leadership, and unique point of view are what set us apart. We capture the ultimate desires of the project: invaluable moments in documentaries, pivotal moments in films, candid shots of unforgettable moments, and more, which are beneficial in recruiting people to the cause, whether the desire is more fans, customers, employees, or education. We create a specific message, so that it’s worthy to be sharable with the world.



Our primary objective is for the film to connect to an audience on a deeper level. From the start, we have our target audience and vision in mind, and use it as the primary mechanism to develop the most advantageous strategies. We already have an audience of tens of thousands of fans, and 350+ million views on our digital content. 



Mirmont Pictures is bringing ideas to life. We have relationships world-wide with award-winning marketing agencies and copywriters. We know valuable social media tips and tricks, as well as a comprehensive marketing plan that includes keywords to use, a clever title for your project, and a description. We use our avenues to market and publicize as well. With 33+ wins [we’re talking Audience Choice at The New York International Film Festival, a Silver Telly, and Best Director/Best Film at ComiCon to name a few], our experience and expertise compliments every project


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