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Jenni James to Ink "Alternative Christmas"

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Award-winning author and screenwriter Jenni James slated to write original screenplay for Mirmont Pictures.

SALT LAKE CITY, UT August 9, 2019

Acclaimed screenwriter and author Jenni James has signed a deal with Mirmont Pictures to ink the first script in a series of many for the award-winning production company.

Sohrab Mirmont, Founder of Mirmont Pictures, first met James at a writer's pitch festival where she presented Mirmont and Creative Director Brianna Davis with several of her available projects.

Although none of the scripts she presented were acquired by Mirmont at the time, Mirmont and Davis were impressed, and knew they wanted to collaborate with James in the future.

"Jenni was very prolific in her body of work. She had a great writing style, and she was very ambitious", said Mirmont.

The collaboration comes after months of discussions between Mirmont, James, and James's husband, Jason, who is a staunch supporter of his wife's work. Jason and Sohrab had been in contact ever since meeting at the pitch festival, plotting on how to work together.

"This seems like the perfect project to come together on. Jenni is well informed on what we are looking for in a script, and is excited about the project. We are excited, too!", says Mirmont Pictures Creative Director Brianna Davis, who has served as production designer, editor, and writer on several Mirmont Pictures projects.

Sohrab Mirmont will helm as Director and Producer under the Mirmont Pictures banner.

Jenni James is an award-winning, bestselling author of forty books. She has been working as a screenwriter, adapting her books to film since 2017. Her first book-to-film, Not Cinderella's Type, won Best Feature Film at the 2018 LDS Film Festival.

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