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Sohrab Mirmont Chosen to Direct "The Freemason"

Award-winning Director to helm the secret-society mystery-thriller, "The Freemason"

SALT LAKE CITY, UT (PRWEB) April 9, 2013

Joseph James, Executive Producer of "The Freemason", has entrusted the coveted Director’s chair to award winning filmmaker Sohrab Mirmont.

James describes the film as "a murder mystery that crosses "Sherlock Holmes" with "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo".

He hopes to ease some of the public’s insatiable appetite for the esoteric realms of Freemasonry, by giving them an inside peek of some of the rituals. The movie follows investigative reporter Cyrus Rothwell, as he seeks justice in the brutal murder of an elderly Freemason and is forced to go ever deeper into the strange ritualistic world of the Mason’s. It is the first film ever to highlight the actual initiation practices, including a ritual experience that will surely thrill Mason’s and non-Mason’s alike!

Mirmont was named the “Filmmaker to Watch” by Digital Filmmaker Magazine UK after his film The Beautiful Wind garnered the prestigious Audience Choice Award at New York’s International Film Festival. With over fourteen narrative directing titles, including his feature Blue Door and the upcoming Sci-Fi/Thriller "MARS." "The Freemason" is his first collaboration with Joseph James Films LLC and both are thrilled to highlight the benefits of film-making in Utah.

Thanks to the success of the Sundance Festival and the Governor’s Office support of the Utah Film Commission’s current tax incentive program, Utah is quickly becoming a major Mecca for filmmakers. James explains that the scenery, accommodations, and filmmaking friendliness of the state will keep him making movies here for a long time.

For more information on the upcoming Joseph James Films LLC film "The Freemason" visit or

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