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Mirmont Pictures Named Official SAG-AFTRA Signatory Advertising Agency

[Salt Lake City, Utah] - Mirmont Pictures, an award-winning motion picture company, is proud to announce its official status as a SAG-AFTRA signatory advertising agency. Mirmont Pictures has a long history of producing high-quality and original content for film, television, brands, and the digital world.

Founded in 2005, Mirmont Pictures has a proven track record of producing captivating content. The company has produced several feature-length films, numerous commercials, and has won over 47 awards for its creative and innovative work. With nearly a billion views, Mirmont Pictures has a large and loyal following.

Mirmont Pictures' client list includes a diverse range of organizations, from the BBC and political candidates to film studios and major brands. As a SAG-AFTRA signatory advertising agency, Mirmont Pictures is now able to offer its clients the full range of services, including union talent representation and the latest in production technology.

Film production on soundstage
Brand advertising commercial. Behind-the-scenes photo by Sahar Mirmontazeri.

"We are proud to become a SAG-AFTRA signatory advertising agency," said Sohrab Mirmont, CEO of Mirmont Pictures. "Our commitment to producing high-quality, original content for our clients is stronger than ever. With this designation, we are able to provide even greater value to our clients, and we look forward to continuing our work with SAG-AFTRA and its talented union performers."

About Mirmont Pictures: Mirmont Pictures is a motion picture company that specializes in creating original content for film, advertising, and the digital world. With an award-winning team of creatives, Mirmont Pictures brings compelling stories to life and helps brands articulate their message with style and clarity.

For more information, please contact:

Jennifer Douglas

VP of Public Relations

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