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RIDDLE OF FIRE Trailer | TIFF 2023

Riddle of Fire Takes Cannes by Storm and Captivates Toronto: A Cinematic Masterpiece in the Making

Riddle of Fire, the latest cinematic gem produced by Sohrab Mirmont of Mirmont Pictures, is setting the global film stage ablaze. Following a triumphant run at the illustrious Cannes Film Festival, where it garnered multiple awards and graced the cover of Europe's prestigious Cahiers du Cinema, this extraordinary film has just wrapped its North American Premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.

With its anticipated cinematic release slated for 2024, Riddle of Fire is poised to become an enduring cult classic. The film, from visionary producer Sohrab Mirmont, promises to redefine cinematic storytelling and captivate audiences worldwide.

Exciting developments continue to unfold as Yellow Veil Pictures and Vinegar Syndrome jointly announced the acquisition of North American rights for "Riddle of Fire." This marks the captivating feature debut of writer and director Weston Razooli, who has crafted a spellbinding narrative centered around three spirited children embarking on an epic odyssey at the behest of their mother's seemingly simple errand.

Weston Razooli expressed his elation, stating, "I'm thrilled that 'Riddle of Fire' is finding a home in the treasured collections of Yellow Veil and Vinegar Syndrome. I eagerly anticipate collaborating with them to craft a treasure trove of artwork, posters, videos, books, and magical memorabilia."

The film has received resounding praise from critics, with Hannah Strong of Little White Lies describing it as a "captivating yet straightforward fairytale." Elena Lazic of Cineuropa delves deeper, praising the film's unexpected undercurrent of melancholy and its astute commentary on how technology may hinder genuine childhood adventures. She notes, "The film's subtle critique of surveillance cameras, iPhone tracking, and the potential effects of video games renders it more profound than the initial impression of a mere nostalgic throwback."

As Riddle of Fire continues to shine on the global cinematic stage, audiences can look forward to its theatrical release in 2024. This captivating tale promises to be a timeless addition to the world of cinema.

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