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Mirmont Pictures Produces Award-Winning Biopic Film "Green Flake"

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

LOS ANGELES, CA - Mirmont Pictures, a full-service production company, is proud to announce its involvement in the award-winning film "His Name Is Green Flake."

The film, which tells the remarkable true story of enslaved pioneer and Latter-day Saint Green Flake, has won Best Film in 10 different festivals, including the Venice Film Awards and the London Independent Film Awards.

Sohrab Mirmont with two camera operators using RED Digital Cinema cameras and Sigma Cine Lenses.
Sohrab Mirmont (Middle) with camera operators Matt Oliveira (Right) and Austin Green (Left)

As Director of Photography and Producer for the film, Mirmont Pictures founder Sohrab Mirmont played a critical role in bringing the story of Green Flake to life on the big screen.

"Sohrab Mirmont was instrumental in bringing our vision to life," said Mauli Bonner, writer and director of "Green Flake."

"Mirmont Pictures put together an incredible crew, their equipment, and we were shooting just 3 weeks later. We shot most of the film in just 10 days."

Outside winter film set with Sohrab Mirmont, Mauli Bonner, Alex Boye, and film crew
Sohrab Mirmont (center) and director Mauli Bonner (right) discuss shots with cast and crew.

Mirmont Pictures has been in business since 2005 and has won over 40 awards for its work across various genres and mediums. The company is available for future collaborations and invites interested parties to reach out to discuss potential projects.

"His Name Is Green Flake" is now available on DVD, Blu-Ray, and streaming through Deseret Book. The film's critical success and recognition on an international level speak to the quality and impact of its storytelling. Mirmont Pictures is honored to have been a part of this important project.

GREEN FLAKE (aka: His Name is Green Flake) OFFICIAL TRAILER

With expertise and resources in all facets of film, television, commercial advertising and the digital world, Mirmont Pictures is a trusted partner for any production.

For more information about Mirmont Pictures and its services, visit

Contact: Mirmont Pictures

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