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Utah Director Focuses on Local Cast, Crew for Feature Film

Award-winning Director to helm the secret-society mystery-thriller, "The Freemason"

Sohrab Mirmont behind a cinema camera during film production
Sohrab Mirmont, an award-winning film director from Utah, is set to begin filming his new full-length feature film here this month.


Suspense thriller, “The Freemason,” is currently in pre-production in Salt Lake City and is slated to start filming on location around Utah this month.

Sohrab Mirmont is the Iranian-born Utah filmmaker directing the feature film. Dubbed “filmmaker to watch” by Digital Filmmaker Magazine UK, his first short “The Beautiful Wind” won the prestigious Audience Choice Award at the New York International Film Festival in 2005.

I ask Sohrab how receiving that merit felt.

“Excellent. Winning the Audience Choice Award at New York opened the door to many opportunities for me. ‘The Beautiful Wind’ went on to play at various festivals internationally,” he said. “Universities also used it as an instructional piece, plus it landed me my first major job at Universal Studios.”

Sohrab moved back to Utah from L.A. specifically for the “Freemason” project.

“I was raised here in Utah and I’m pretty committed to giving local filmmakers opportunities,” he said. “The previously scheduled director planned to bring 90 percent of his crew from L.A., but I’m focused on a Utah cast and crew with very few exceptions.”

“The Freemason,” screenplay written by Allen Johnson, is about an investigative journalist trying to unravel the mystery of Sir Isaac Newton’s  “alchemy” recipe, a formula which indicates that any solid material can be transformed into gold. Newton was a Freemason and shared the recipe strictly within the tightest inner-Masonic circle.

Sohrab is busy casting the film while projecting incredible box office success.

“Since winning at New York, I’ve produced several other shorts, which have won various awards at festivals around the country.”

“The Freemason” will be Soharb’s second directorial feature-length film.  His third feature, “Mars” is already in pre-production and is set to commence filming before the end of the year.

Original Publishing: Herald Extra / Utah Reelist Written by Lorri Rupard.

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