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Press articles featuring Sohrab Mirmont

English articles

1.  KayhanLife: Meet Kiarostami’s Nephew, L.A.-Based Filmmaker Sohrab Mirmont

2. HeraldExtra: Utah director focuses on local cast, crew for feature film

3. FOX: FOX interviews Sohrab Mirmont to discuss The Freemason

4. Orlando Sentinel: Full Sail grad's film to look at Shiite-Sunni enmity

5. PRWeb: Iranian Director, Sohrab Mirmont, Selected For 'The Camel Wars'

6. Salt Lake Tribune: Sean Astin to star in 'The Freemason," filming in Utah

7. GreenRoom Orlando: Xoom Entertainment Signs Mirmont To Helm Pic

8.The Daily Utah Chronicle: Students support Iranians with protest

9. Top40-Charts: Untold Story Of The Big Bopper Timed For 50th Anniversary Of THE DAY THE MUSIC DIED

10. Utah Film Awards: Sohrab Mirmont nominated for Best Director

11. CityWeekly: Tower Theater's Open Mic Winner: Sohrab Mirmont

12. ParkCity TV: An interview with Sohrab Mirmont

13. ArtsyNow: Sohrab Mirmont - Everyday is a Bonus Round for this Hollywood director

14. FOX: Movie filmed in Utah starring Sean Astin premieres Saturday

13. BBC: 60+ Million Views for BBC's "Conjoined Twins" Directed by Sohrab Mirmont


14. Full Sail University: "The Beautiful Wind" Wins Local to International Acclaim As It Becomes An Audience Favorite

15. PRWeb: Sohrab Mirmont chosen to Direct "The Freemason"

16. P3 Update: Mirmont Pictures Founder Named "Up-and-Comer" by P3 Update

17. Joseph James Films: "The Freemason" Red-Carpet and world Premiere Starring Sean Astin

18. San Diego Film Festival: "The Cats" Selected by San Diego Film Festival

19. VisionCambodia: Mirmont Pictures and Vision Cambodia Partner for Clean Water

20. Mirmont: Jenni James to Ink "Alternative Christmas"

21. FanX: CEO of Mirmont Pictures, Sohrab Mirmont Asked to Speak at FanX

22. In Movie Nerds We Trust: "A Director's Mix Tape" with guest Sohrab Mirmont

23. ParkCity TV: Sohrab Mirmont, Director of the Freemason movie on Park City Television

24. FOX: Movie filmed in Utah starring Sean Astin premieres Saturday in SLC

25. Salt Lake Tribune: Utah protesters gather to show support for Iranians

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